Bon Aprontit is a luxury line of dress-like aprons empowering women to feel fabulous when in the home!                                                                                        Growing up my mom was the ultimate dinner party hostess. She did it all from hand folding each napkin on the table to cooking a full spread of food from scratch while welcoming guests as they arrived with an oven mitt still on her hand and an old apron covering her beautiful party dress. I remember wishing she could wear her fabulous dress without worrying about the mess. So that’s when I came up with Bon Aprontit, a collection of luxury dress-like aprons. Designed to be worn while greeting guests and even sitting down to eat but still refilling glasses. They are the perfect apron for the dinner party hostess, the bride-to-be, the new homeowner, Mother's Day gift or woman who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work in the kitchen but still wants to look fabulous!