Our looks

October 20, 2016

Bon Aprontit was born!

Inspired by her hostessing mom, Megan took what started as an idea in her head and brought it to life with Bon Aprontit, a luxury line of dress-like aprons empowering women to feel fabulous when in the home! Designed to look like a formal party dress and to be worn event when sitting down to eat but still refilling glasses as all aprons are machine washable and built for mess.

Addition of skirts, non-beaded aprons and petite sizing

The Collections Expand

Bon Aprontit launched with one apron available in five colors but quickly expanded in 2017 after receiving press and customer reviews about wanting more from the line. In 2017, Bon Aprontit expanded into skirts, non-beaded options, petite sizing and new patterned prints!

A new year, a new price

Supporting Small Business

After months and months of research and sample testing, Bon Aprontit expanded production overseas with a young entrepreneur, driven by passion and design. The expansion allowed for lower prices and more exciting things to come in the near future. Stay tuned!


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